What Is the Best Solar Pool Cover?

If you are lucky enough to have your own swimming pool then you know how much fun it can bring to the entire family. Not only do the kids enjoy playing in the pool but it's a great exercise for adults too.

Swimming is one of the best cardio exercises you can do as it works the entire body and gives a full-body workout. But having a pool does have its drawbacks too. Keeping them clean is one of those drawbacks but the best solar pool covers can not only help keep them clean but will also keep the pool nice and warm.

Blue Solar Pool Cover, Size: 45 x 90 feet, Parsvanath Pool & Spas ID: 21530887312

Solar pool covers are available in all different sizes and shapes, so no matter what size pool you have, there will be a cover to fit. They normally either float on top of the water or fit over the top to cover the entire pool.

This helps to keep out any kind of debris such as leaves that might blow into the pool. But solar pool covers also help keep the water warm because the pockets of air inside the cover act as a natural insulator and also prevents the water from evaporating.

Solar pool covers can help reduce up to 95% of evaporation which is great if your pool is small and you find yourself topping it up with water quite often.

They are also very inexpensive to buy as they are usually lightweight and made from a bubble wrap type of substance. Intex makes some great covers for their pools including the Intex Krystal Clear range. These types of covers just float on the water and fit the pools exactly to prevent debris and keep the pool water nice and warm.