What You Need To Know About Auger Sizes

Auger comes in sizes ranging from 2-9 inches in diameter. Augers with 2 and 3-inch diameter powered by an ordinary electric drill. They come in lengths ranging between 7 inches and 48 inches. Large augers (4-, 5-, 7-, 8- and 9-inch diameter) all need to use gas powerhead. This auger is 28 inches long, except for 7-inch diameter models, which come in both 16- and 28-inch long. You can also get to know more about groundhog auger via groundhogparts.

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Things you can do with the earth auger varies depending on the size of this auger. Here's a quick guide to help you choose the best tool according to your needs:

Two-inch augers ideal for gardeners, allowing you to quickly and easily plant bulbs, plugs and plant beds. It is also a good size for root aeration, and to install a small plant stake or pole. 3-inch augers can do the same job as augers of 2-inch, but also great for drilling horizontally if you need to run a plumbing or electrical wiring under the pavement. It is also a good size for mixing paint, cement or soil.

On 4 and 5-inch size, this augers drill a larger hole, ideal for setting a small fence post or planting annuals and perennials that come in a pint-sized pot.

7-inch diameter auger is enough to plant annuals, perennials, trees or large shrubs in a gallon-sized pot.

Eight and nine-inch diameter augers are perfect for planting pot plants in two-gallon containers. This size is large enough for bigger fence posts or 6 × 6 posts.