Why Is Bible Study So Important?

We weren't born with the wisdom of the Bible, and once we become Christians, God doesn't automatically fill our heads with the wisdom of the Bible.  Rather, the Bible claims that God is gradually transforming us, renewing our heads as we engage in Bible research in earnest. You can click here to read more about the bible genealogy timeline.

God needs us every person to be accountable for understanding his word and also to comprehend His will. After we understand the Word of God we could put it to function in our own lives, please Him by keeping His commandments, His Word teaches others and produces fruit for Him.  

As we examine the Bible, we're advised to take every thought captive as we all know one phrase at a time. Proverbs 4: 7 states that understanding God's intellect is the most crucial thing.  By training our thoughts through the analysis of the Bible, we could eventually become mature Christians.  

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Romans 1:31 even states it is a serious sin for us to be without comprehending the Bible. But, even more, important to see that the knowledge and wisdom that we've obtained through the Bible isn't just helpful for the remainder of our life in the world in the flesh.  

The Bible states that in another life, we'll get a new glorified body, however, what happens to your brain once we die? We all would bring our personal degree of spiritual maturity with us which we obtained and preserved within this life.  We won't be the exact same in Heaven.  

We're not likely to suddenly understand everything, since God is the only person who's omniscient.  2 Corinthians 2: 5-10 reveals which we'll take with our religious maturity, and it'll be a significant element at the judgment seat of Christ.