Why Prefer Organic Whole Wheat Flour Over the Regular One?

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Does all the wheat-made food taste equal? If you have ever observed a change of taste, it could be due to different ingredients or wheat flour. When out for grocery shopping, you might have seen varieties such as multigrain, whole wheat, and whole-grain products. And if it has been confusing to make the right wheat flour choice, here’s the guide you need for a healthier pick between the two most common options, organic whole and regular white wheat flour.

  • Fibre Content: The refining and processing used to make wheat flour that you see in the store make it lose its nutritional value. However, organic whole wheat flour offers a better fibre content. It’s due to this that the latter helps lose weight, control blood cholesterol, and avoid constipation.
  • Blood Sugar Regulation: Whenever you consume food, its GI (Glycemic Index) value defines how fast or slow your body processes the meal. With a lower GI value, whole wheat flour ensures better food absorption. This, in turn, prevents sudden crashes or spikes in the blood sugar from occurring.
  • Gut Health: Due to high fiber content, wheat bran ensures a healthy gut through the prebiotic effect. It promotes improved digestion and supports the gastrointestinal system in breaking down good bacteria. In addition, the vitamin content gives your body uptakes the nutritional content of your body, further enhancing your gut health.

In short, whole wheat flour is a healthier choice for your body. And if you still go confused when grocery shopping, you can opt for organic delivery in Brisbane to get the best-delivered home.