Basic Requirements For Lyft

Lyft and Uber are ridesharing and driving apps. If you are looking for a part-time earning job then these two are the best options for you. They also provide uber lyft promotional codes for extra earnings. 

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You may get some kind of cashback by using these codes. Let's discuss some requirements before going for the registration process.

A background check is a part of the registration process. You can not have a serious criminal offense, the cost of theft, violent crimes, physical offenses, or disqualify drug offenses on your record.

The only other requirements are that you have a working iPhone or an android phone with Internet access and a working phone number. 

You have to show that you have an internet plan, your wifi-only mobiles are not allowed. Driving to Lyft uses a lot of data, so make sure your wireless plan could accommodate.

Lyft Vehicles Terms 

You can not just have an old car and think you can push to Lyft. Lyft wants all cars to keep certain safety measures and cosmetic standards.

Requirements For Lyft Vehicles

You can not have a car older than 12 years. You must have a valid license plate and up-to-date vehicle registration.

Your car needs to have at least four doors and five seatbelts. And you must hold a valid car insurance policy and satisfy all district and state requirements for driving.