Whale Shark Watching – Worth It Experience in Cebu

You must have heard a lot of negative feedback about the whale sharks in Oslob. Well, it will be absolutely up to you if you want to support it by going there and paying for the experience you will get with the whale shark watching/swimming activity or you will stay on your chair and keep on telling negative stuff about the whale sharks in Oslob.

Things you should know about the Whale Sharks:

Fishermen as Guide – Due to the fact that they know whale sharks so well for such a long time, they are also considered as guides since they know so much about the whale sharks and the things you shouldn’t do when you’re around the whale sharks. Always listen to the boatmen/fishermen together with you on the boat, they are knowledgeable.

They are FREE to leave – A lot of people are saying that they don’t like the system Oslob has for the whale shark watching since they are like being caged and not free. Well, actually they leave the area and go down to the deeper area to sleep after their hours of meal by the tourism. They are not always there. Sometimes they will be gone for a couple of weeks and come back.

A whale shark named Bali invites others to Oslob – There's a whale shark whose name is Bali (Bent for English, because of his bent tail) who invites other whale sharks to come to Oslob. Sometimes there's just 5 whale sharks and the next week there will be around 20. The fishermen/guide said that Bali is the responsible for the increase of the amount of whale sharks in Oslob, they said that he invites others.

The Rules and Regulations

  • Dive Centers bringing visitors must be accredited with the Municipality of Oslob (Turtle Bay Dive Resort is accredited)
  • Only staff from accredited organizations may guide visitors.
  • All whale shark watchers must undergo orientation at the Briefing Center on the rules for interaction with whale sharks
  • No feeding of whale sharks by unauthorized personnel
  • Whale shark watchers are limited to 30 minutes (I think this applies to those in boats)
  • Life guards will be on site during whale watching hours

Popular Cuisines to Eat While Visiting Philippines


When it comes to traveling to Philippines, one should definitely try eating some of the best foods apart from the usual shopping places to visit or even the beaches. Foodie lovers are bound to enjoy from the likes of desserts to even a simple yet delicious array of salads. Make sure that you take some time out in order to try some of these delicious arrays of foods.

  1. Balut – Let’s start the list with the unusual which is Balut. Balut is an eye-catching dish which is a duck embryo boiled and then eaten as a snack. What’s more surprising of this dish is that the served egg is in the developing stage which tastes delicious when served with vinegar.
  2. Chicken Adobo – Now coming to one of the most popular dishes in Philippines is the chicken adobo. This dish is loved by the locals and tourists where the meat (can be chicken or even pork) is marinated first by the addition of soya sauce and vinegar. In the earlier days, this dish was cooked with the use of clay pots. Today though, this dish is cooked in metal pots or wok with the help of local spices.
  3. Kinilaw – If staying healthy is what you’re looking for during your holiday in Philippines, then have kinilaw. This is a salad comprising of fish which is served with the addition of kalamansi and vinegar. The vinegar makes the fish digestible since it is served raw.

Make sure you are looking for the best Philippines tour package before you start packing your bags.

Find Out Why Hiring a Midland Cab Service is So Important

If you've never used a cab before, you should seriously consider using one. I recommend that you take this into consideration before you take any trips.

There are many benefits to hiring a taxi. This is especially true if you are an extremely large company or a company with a lot of employees. The car hire will make it easier for the company to provide a ride to all of its employees. If you have a lot of employees, you may not be able to rent a car to each of them individually.

If you work from home, this can be even more important than it is for the entire office. If you live in a very small town or a relatively small city, it's possible that the last person who showed up at the office may not make it to the receptionist for the last hour or so. In this case, you would have no option but to leave your car at home and wait until everyone arrived. Not having to worry about how your car will arrive will definitely ease the tension and let you focus on other things.

Another reason to use a cab service is the peace of mind that comes with having one around. The only thing that you need to do is ensure that the company you hire has valid insurance. Most will have this kind of coverage.

A cab service also has the advantage of not providing you with on-the-job training. You don't have to worry about teaching anyone how to operate the taxi. The company will just keep it locked in a safe until the day of the trip.

In addition to having no on-the-job training, the cab service will be able to help you pick the best route to your destination. It will be able to help you find out the best way to navigate traffic or intersections. It will also help you find the fastest routes that won't cause you a lot of delays.

In addition to using the taxi service, you should have a designated driver who will be at your side during your trip. You should give the driver a passcode to access your car. This will prevent the driver from making unexpected stops along the way.

To prevent theft, you should let the cab service know where you want to go. The company will do this automatically, but it is better to make sure that they know exactly where you want to go. They will then provide the route that you would have chosen anyway.

On your trip, you should get a discount if you book it through the company. The money that you save will usually be at least a percentage of the regular price. Make sure that you mention this when you call. Make sure that you are comfortable with the terms of the discount before agreeing to it.

Finally, consider having your car shipped to the company rather than driving it back and forth. That way, you won't be worried about anything if the car breaks down. A company will do everything necessary to fix the car or send it back to you.

Overall, you will find that hiring a Midland cab service can save you a lot of money. In addition to having a lot of peace of mind, you will enjoy the freedom to spend more time with your family.

Safety Tips to Keep Your Expensive Items Safely While Staying in a Hostel


You need to realize the fact that the popularity of hostels is growing on a daily basis. Due to which, many travelers prefer to live there during their travel instead of staying in a hotel. The only problem is, there is no guarantee of safety when it comes to your belongings. Some of you may travel with expensive items while others won’t. If you’re wondering how to keep your items safe while staying in a hostel, here are a few helpful tips.

  1. Bring a Padlock –One of the best tips when it comes to keeping your items safe while staying in a hostel is to bring your own padlock. This small item is really handy and it is important you bring one with yourself. Just ensure that the padlock has a number mechanism instead of the lock and key.
  2. Avoid Showing Off – Now considering that you do manage to bring expensive items with yourself to the hostel, make sure you do not flash them to others. After all, we are humans and we don’t know the intentions of other travelers.
  3. Bring Along – There are times when hostels run out of lockers due to the number of travelers that keep checking in. So, the solution to this problem would be to carry them during your travel. It will be heavy no doubt however, you know that the items are with you.

Follow these tips while staying in some of the best hostels in Canggu, Bali.

Make Your Friendship a Memorable Bond by Traveling Together


Group tours are best if you the right people to team up with. They can become the worst trips of your lives too. But if your group has been doing other fun things together for some time, it is worthwhile to try a trip abroad at least once. Such a trip means a special bond with friends for the years to follow. If all goes well, the trip is a reminder of shared jokes, marvelous stories, plenty of fun and loads of memorable photographs that all group members can treasure.

However, the tedious part is you need to organize your trip way ahead of time in a precise manner and its best to leave this work to a member who knows the nitty-grittys of traveling already.

Destination – you must choose a destination that suits all group members in terms of weather. It is important because if a member has certain persistent health issues, it can ruin the trip for all. Plus, health care abroad may come in really costly, draining out your budget on sometimes very basic doctor visits and OTC medicines.

Booking – It is advisable that flight and hotel bookings should be done in advance as it would be economical. Last-minute flight picks are quite costly. Especially if you are traveling during the holidays.

Choose a leader – The group must choose an experienced friend to lead the group. All must agree on a budget and vow to stick to it. Share your preferences with the leader and do fill him in on any particular health conditions. Follow the leader’s advice at all costs. Be tolerant.

First aid kit – A basic first aid kit with flu medicines and OTC painkiller, antiseptics and bandages is never the weight you regret.

The sri lanka group tours is an amazing life experience that can cherish you for years to come.

Maui Luau: Favorite Enjoyed Activity In Hawaii

What is more exciting than being in Maui, Hawaii, and also spending a couple of days and nights off from the town life?  Well, it's that you've got the opportunity to experience the ever famous Maui Luau! That is something one should not overlook when visiting Hawaii. 

Individuals in Maui have produced many different luaus that individuals of different types may enjoy with the help of companies by visiting sites such as https://www.hawaiiluaucompany.com/huakai-luau.

Every sort of luau caters for a specific kind of audience and every moment, a blend of dancing and singing and other kinds of performances are introduced depending on what particular audience wishes to concentrate on.

Below are a few of the various Maui luaus you could pick from:

1. Old Lahaina Luau: It's among the most preferred luaus asked by tourists that come and see Maui.  It embodies the cultural conventions of this island in its own featured dancing demonstrations and tunes.  The accompaniment really much speaks of this classic Hawaiian music which we love.

2. Ka'anapali Beach Luau: It is best fit for you and your children. The dancing demonstrations will definitely be appreciated from the children and the fantastic music is going to be appreciated by the elders in the household.  It is going to still be incorporating Hawaiian ethnic tunes and clinics but it's specially designed to meet your family's pleasure.

3. Feast at Lele: This is most effective for couples on their honeymoon night or for couples who only want to run-away from all trying from town. This luau is quite romantic with high class service which makes it pleasurable for a romantic moment with a loved one.

Best Adventures to Experience in Sri Lanka


With the vast presence of coastline, Sri Lanka offers amazing water-sporting activities for locals and tourists. Additionally, Sri Lanka is also home to some of the best presence of wildlife animals and species. Plus, there are also a ton of cultural, historical places one needs to explore. Let’s focus on some of the best other adventures apart from the usual to experience in Sri Lanka.

  1. Visit the Top of Sirigiya – Sirigiya is Sri Lanka’s landmark known as ‘Lion’s Rock’. This is basically a rock which turned later into a fort and palace in the early 5th century. Here you will get to see monk’s ancient paintings, lion’s paws that are carved, a chance to improve your knowledge on rocks and more. Apart from this, you should set a target to reach the top of the fort to get an amazing view of the country.
  2. Take a Safari – Sri Lanka offers 2 types of safari. One is on the Southside called Yala National Park. This park is the perfect spot to witness leopards, elephants, birds, and crocodiles. The second form of safari is the boat safari which is more relaxing and comfortable to witness birds, animals and beautiful islands.
  3. Get a Glimpse of Whales – Blue whales are on the verge of getting extinct due to one reason; humans. However, Sri Lanka is one of the best countries that offer some amazing spots to witness the blue whales. Marissa is a popular small town that offers great spots to witness the blue whales especially during the months of November and April.

Make sure you take the best Sri Lanka tour with your friends or family members.

The Joy of Snorkeling In Roatan

Snorkeling is fast becoming one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your free time in Roatan. The great thing about snorkeling is that there are only a few key elements of the diving equipment you need to get before making the jump. You can go through the internet to know more about adventures and thebest deep sea diving in Roatan.

It’s wonderful because it makes this joyous excursion to almost everyone available, like the three staples are your fins, snorkel, and mask. However, do not be too eager to choose one of these items because each integral to warrant that you are not just under the water comfortable, but safe equipped with an oxygen source as well!

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When you are looking for a diving mask with snorkel, you want to find something cozy enough to suction your face so as not to let any water leak, but that is not too tight for you let the feeling pinched. Because the face of everyone and the head is different, maybe it is better for your friend may not work for you as well.

Fortunately, there are a variety of choices, with different sizes and dimensions. Choose one that rests comfortably on your face and nose, then you will be able to see the sea of sites breathtaking below

But then you will be overwhelmed in your business Snorkeling, you will not be left without a stable air supply, which comes in the way of your snorkel. Tubas also come in several versions with different features.

You may want to snorkel more if you tend to swim a little deeper, and wider can draw each breath a lot easier. There are also snorkels with a purge valve to help rid the water that can fill your snorkel if you dive, as well as those mouthpieces in rotation.

3 Things To Know About Your Visit To Historic Vienna

Historic Vienna is Austria's largest city with a population in 2009 of over 1.7 million. It's always rated among the world's most scenic cities that means for vacationers that security, cleanliness, culture, diversion, public transportation and health maintenance are highly rated.

There are numerous tourist sightseeing in Vienna, Austria  Which Make Vienna a Fantastic spot that include:

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1.  Beautiful Old Palaces

There are several lovely old palaces in Vienna, a few of the most visited comprise Hofburg Imperial Palace which dates back to the 13th century (nevertheless there have been a number of renovations and developments through the centuries).  You might even see Schonbrunn Palace which comprises Tiergarten Schonbrunn, the planet's oldest zoo.  Last but not least there's Belvedere Palace, a grand baroque palace which has a rich history and has its origins in the 17th century.

2.  Over 100 Art Museums

Art museums attract millions of visitors a year to Vienna with some of the most popular being the Albertina featuring over 1 million old master prints, Leopold Museum featuring one of the largest collections of Austrian art, the 19th century Naturhistorisches Museum or Museum of Natural History of Vienna and Technisches Museum Wien or Vienna Technical Museum.

3.  Vienna's Famous Churches

Vienna's high variety of older churches are very popular with people.  Some of the most visited comprise Deutschordenskirche or the Church of the Teutonic Order, Karlskirche or even St. Charles's Church, Peterskirche or even St. Peter's Church, St. Stephen's Cathedral and Ruprechtskirche That's Regarded as the oldest church in Vienna with origins going back into 796.

Best Spots for Snorkeling in Fiji


Just like surfing, rafting, scuba diving and other water-sport, Fiji is also known to be home to some of the best spots for snorkeling. This sport allows you to witness some of the most anticipated and beautiful marine species and the coral reefs. So, gear up and read on about the best spots to enjoy snorkeling in Fiji.

  1. Rainbow Reef – The Rainbow Reef is probably the most popular spot for tourists and locals to enjoy snorkeling. The reason behind Rainbow Reef being so popular is the flowing current is comprised of nutrients which in turn are beneficial for the corals and marine species. Leopard sharks, clown triggerfish and anthiases are some of the interesting marine species you will get to witness.
  2. Navini Island –The Navini Island is probably the perfect spot in Fiji for those who are trying this activity for the very first time. Due to the low currents at this spot, it makes it an ideal location for beginners to enjoy snorkeling along with witnessing turtles, large blue-fins, grouper and anemonefish marine species.
  3. Beqa Island Lagoon – The Beqa Island Lagoon is probably for those who wish to stay away from the crowd and enjoy a peaceful snorkeling experience. This spot is also known to be surrounded by clean and calm waters making it perfect to witness unique marine species.
  4. Namena Marine Reserve – This reserve is perfect to enjoy snorkeling and witness species such as whales, blue-ribbon eels and dolphins.

The luxury islands of Fiji have more spots to enjoy snorkeling.