Best Spots for Snorkeling in Fiji


Just like surfing, rafting, scuba diving and other water-sport, Fiji is also known to be home to some of the best spots for snorkeling. This sport allows you to witness some of the most anticipated and beautiful marine species and the coral reefs. So, gear up and read on about the best spots to enjoy snorkeling in Fiji.

  1. Rainbow Reef – The Rainbow Reef is probably the most popular spot for tourists and locals to enjoy snorkeling. The reason behind Rainbow Reef being so popular is the flowing current is comprised of nutrients which in turn are beneficial for the corals and marine species. Leopard sharks, clown triggerfish and anthiases are some of the interesting marine species you will get to witness.
  2. Navini Island –The Navini Island is probably the perfect spot in Fiji for those who are trying this activity for the very first time. Due to the low currents at this spot, it makes it an ideal location for beginners to enjoy snorkeling along with witnessing turtles, large blue-fins, grouper and anemonefish marine species.
  3. Beqa Island Lagoon – The Beqa Island Lagoon is probably for those who wish to stay away from the crowd and enjoy a peaceful snorkeling experience. This spot is also known to be surrounded by clean and calm waters making it perfect to witness unique marine species.
  4. Namena Marine Reserve – This reserve is perfect to enjoy snorkeling and witness species such as whales, blue-ribbon eels and dolphins.

The luxury islands of Fiji have more spots to enjoy snorkeling.

Camping Dome- A Tent of Innovative Style

Camping is one of the best ways to keep yourself from stressful life every day. The tents are a very common accessory, essential for camping. However, you can find this tent with a variety of shapes and styles. We now have provided useful details on a dome-style tent.

No complicated design in dome tents. You can find a rectangular-shaped floor in this tent. Each of the two poles run to two different angles diagonally. They cross each other at the top.

Tents power level

Typically, the dome-style tent has high strength. Although you have selected the camping site is very windy or stormy, tree branches could fall on the tent. It is a special tent that can withstand these items. However, with a conventional tent style, you will not get this facility.

Image result for camping dome

Although you desire to stand in the tent, the high dome is the right choice for you. This dome-shaped tent is a standalone model. You will find a groundsheet with stitches. There is also a rainfly in most of these tents. You should place a mat on the ground. This will give you plenty of time to stay in a tent.

What is the size of your dome tent?

Now, let’s talk about the overall design and style of your dome tent. Dome tent consists of 8 fiberglass pole for the setup. You can find a very wise construction in the awning. Most campers like this kind of tent. You do not need a lot of time to set up a tent. Manufacturers choose to design the tent’s nylon. Though this is a lightweight tent, you will feel very strong. You will be able to pole position is very easy. After installing these poles, you can realize the firmness in the fabric. tent will remain in the proper form.

Image result for camping dome

You will find dome tents in various sizes. For example, when you are a group of two campers, you should invest in a camping light or low-profile dome, New Brunswick. However, for camping, you should look for large-sized tents, integrating the number of rooms. This tent can accommodate eight people.

Some models of the geodesic dome-style camping are available in freestanding. After using the hood, you must store them safely. You will find them rainproof and windproof.

dome tents in style freestanding

For various reasons, these free-standing tents are better for most campers. Just take your tent quickly and a little shake to remove the dirt. This is the best way to maintain the cleanliness of the tent. You will get this feature with light and small tents. However, while removing dirt, you must ensure that it does not tear the fabric.

Image result for camping dome

Dome tents have one drawback for users. They have slanted walls, and thus, may make space could be used more compact.

However, most of us use our tent to sleep. That is why the limited space would not cause much trouble. Although you have thought of spending hours in the tent during the day, it is better to buy a camping tent cabin style. As these tents have straight walls, you will get more space. Investing in tents, with a focus on your own needs.

Some campers have invested in a dome-shaped tent. Usually, they are packed in a bag that is both used for storage. Although the process of folding a little complicated, you will find other different functional features in this tent. Now, you can make your decision to buy it.