Determining Which Basic Camping Tent Design Right For You

When purchasing a camping tent there are many factors such as size and price. But design is certainly another factor to consider.

Each tent design has advantages and disadvantages. Hence, it is very important to know which design is the best for your planned trip. You can also look for the best surplus tents for camping via an online source.

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There are usually three basic designs for camping tents

Ridge tent

This design almost resembles the shape of a traditional tent. It is essentially a roof-shaped tent supported upright by outer ropes. They are available for 1 to 3 people and are quite light. However, this tent design is not suitable for bad weather.

Cabin tent

These are the ideal camping tents for families or larger groups who spend more time in one place, eg. B. Camping. With nearly vertical walls, the cabin tent offers plenty of headroom so you can go inside and place camping furniture wherever you want. This makes having fun indoors a breeze on rainy days or evenings.

Dome tent

The traditional form is a single dome, but you can also find designs consisting of several domes. Another style is the half-dome or tunnel design, which makes a great camping tent for a backpack. Dome tents offer a large footprint, but less usable space than tents of the same size.