A Quick Guide To MMA Gears

There are various sorts of gloves and shorts which are considered as MMA equipment. You generally need this equipment but it all depend upon the MMA fight or training purpose.

Here are some points that are related to different types of MMA equipment.

Boxing Bag Gloves

A good deal of individuals are inclined to utilize their ‘fighting gloves’ (also know as ‘MMA vechthandschoenen‘ in Dutch) for workout. Such gloves have the foam and cushioning material enabling fighter to use them ease.

                                       Everlast Gevormd Schuim Trainingshandschoenen

Groin Guard

There are a variety of sorts of groin guards which range from the standard make, those using jockstraps and also ones fitted in using compression shorts.


These are to protect your hands/wrists from becoming broken or fractured so it’s advisable that you wrap your palms. There are varying kinds of hand packs that vary from cotton, Mexican-style (that are more reliable), gel packs (which provide fantastic hand protection but that I would not rely on them for wrist protection) and whatnot.

Rash Guard

This piece of gear has different functions, namely wicking away perspiration, maintaining your body temperature in just the correct degree, protecting you from germs or diseases which could be around the mat during training or fight. These guards used mostly during the training.