Why Convert From WAV to MP3

In the easy talk, the usual audio CD consists of a list of songs stored as a WAV file. This CD popped into a CD player in your car or a stereo system as well as run on your computer. Since the advent of storage devices which seem to be getting smaller and smaller upon each release, the challenge to store a list of your favourite songs into one of those tiny gadgets poses a challenge to its inventor.

In creating small devices, compromises have to be made in terms of storage space. To overcome this challenge, they come up with different file formats that take up less space while still rendering the same songs. Thus was born the revolution of wav to mp3 conversion for audio files.

Although everything sounded ideal, its early days experienced some issues with sound quality as well as information tagged to the songs. After a lot of testing and research, most of them have been ironed out and now we can enjoy the full benefits. When converting audio files from WAV to MP3 format, the file size is reduced immediately that saves disk space.

You then pack in a whole gamut of MP3 songs into your MP3 player to tote around instead of lugging around a bag of CDs with a portable CD player or laptop. If the sound level of songs in your audio CD is not good, their rate can be balanced and enhanced during the conversion. You also have the option to run the process by selecting one file at a time, or as a batch conversion to save time.