How to Start a Blog Writing Business

Anyone with a desire to learn, and a little bit of talent, can start their own business blog writing. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most in-demand services you can provide. Get to know more about blog writing services in Bristol via

It's interesting that so many people becoming blog writers today. This really is an excellent example of how to make extra money. Provide valuable services such as writing a blog allows you to make money anywhere in the world where you can log online.

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1. The first thing to do is go to and start your own blog. Try and put your name in the URL of the blog. You can search Google for the keyword "blog writer" "author of the blog" and so on to get a few examples of what looks like a quality blog.

2. The next thing is to start writing some quality blog articles of 250 words or more and publish it on your blog. You can write about anything you want because you are actually writing a blog niche blog.

3. Determine the price you want to charge. When you first start the most important thing is to write as often as possible. You can always negotiate the price, but first, you need to get some satisfied customers can use as a reference.

4. Hang out in the discussion forum and links back to your blog URL. Hyperlink keywords blog author, freelance blog writer, or something along these lines so that people knows what you're doing.

5. You also need to join Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Create your profile around your new blog URL so people know how to find you.

Always provide useful information in whatever you do when it comes to social networking. But understand that you are also marketing them and this is the best way to develop new customers.