Interior Book Layout and Design: Think Outside the Box

Most often we give very little thought to the interior layout or design of our books. Fiction writing, after all, requires little of it, right?

Today I want to share with you one example of how interior layout and design can make a world of difference. The book to which I refer is Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss. You can also look for the best interior book style from various online sources.

While the book is a reference to punctuation, the narrative is amazing and tells many hilarious anecdotes. While it's not fiction, it entertains just as much as any fiction I've read.

The Cover

It's red. Bright red. Bold white letters on a bright red background. When We were looking for a punctuation reference book at the book store, the spine absolutely stood out from all others.

We saw it immediately. Then I pulled it off the shelf and saw the cover image: a panda in a tree eating leaves and dodging bullets. Obviously, the title caught me as well and made me grin

 Beyond that, the cover is very simple and the pun and imagery truly spoke to the entire book. It absolutely reflected the tone and style between the covers.

Interior Layout

The way the copy was laid out made the entire book a breeze to read and comprehend, along with the style of the writer.

Again, the color was used in the copy itself, taking advantage of drop caps, colored headings and subheadings, and colored boxes to set off certain types.