Preparing A Maize Meal

Maize, which is also called corn in different areas of the world is a crop with kernels that are usually yellowish-orange in color. Some sorts of maize have multi-colored kernels too. Maize varieties that are full of sugar are typically utilized for human consumption, whereas other types are used for animal feed.

The people of South African refer to maize porridge as "Stywe Pap". It's called Polenta in different areas of the Earth and is created by grinding Maize kernels into a sleek maize meal porridge. It's served with sugar, milk, and a spoonful of butter. It's a favorite breakfast cereal in many sections of the nation. If you want to buy buy maize meal online, then you can browse the web.

Iwisa Maize Meal

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For preparing a maize meal, one cup of maize is mixed with three cups of water. Two more cups of water are set in a microwave and brought to a boil. The paste is then added to the boiling water and blended using a wooden spoon completely until all of the lumps are dissolved. The mix is placed in the microwave and cooked for approximately 3 to 4 minutes until the meal is cooked.

A different way to make the maize meal would be to prepare yourself a stiff porridge. It's quite much like this smooth porridge except it is served with beef. Salt is added into the water, along and a cup of maize meal is gradually added to the water and mixed thoroughly using a wooden spoon. A tablespoon of butter is subsequently added to the mixture.

The meal is extremely nutritious and yummy and can be made in various distinct forms.