Dive Into The Crystal Clear Casa Cenote

If you are seeking an exciting snorkeling or diving encounter near Tulum, Casa Cenote is the correct location. The distinctive peaceful soul and enchanting scenery of Casa Cenote will enchant divers of all levels. 

The emerald green crystal waters, the drama of the mangrove woods will give you unique memories. You may explore outstandingly beautiful natural temples hidden in the jungle as well as the amazing Mayan temples and fauna. If you are looking for more information about  casa cenote diving click here now .

casa cenote diving

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This leaves Casa Cenote to the perfect snorkeling and diving destination throughout the entire year.

Casa Cenote, also referred to as Cenote Manatee, has its name in the manatees that used to swim many years back but can scarcely be seen nowadays.

 It is situated on Tankah Tres Bay in Mexico, 10 km north of Tulum, 70 km south of Playa del Carmen and just 10 minutes from our dive store. The Cenote has beautifully clear emerald waters that lure in snorkelers and cave divers in the local community and people from all over the world.

Fantastic for fans of wildlife, this long, slim cenote is famous for its countless small fish, guppies, platys, and mollies most thickly, that may be seen swimming involving the mangrove roots and fronds. These crops descend from above, building a dip within these sheltered waters an investigation of a thrilling underwater ecosystem.

Casa Cenote is a distinctive, broad, water pool, around the Yucatan Peninsula. It is in the center of the mangrove area, which provides anglers the sensation of diving beneath a jungle. This cenote is a superb snorkeling and diving site. Just where the endings get to the sea, is among the most well-known places for photo shoots, you have to be the first in the morning or late in the day.