Emergency Medical Services in Kenya – What They Need to Do Their Job

In the context of occupational health and safety, emergency medical services (EMS) refers to rescue and emergency services that respond to injured or unwell people at the scene of an accident. Injured people are also transported to medical facilities by emergency medical services.

When someone needs emergency care, their first thought is to call 911. The person we call to immediately report to the desired location is part of best emergency medical services in Kenya.

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Training and qualifications for this service are set by the U.S. Department of Transportation and vary from state to state, which has its own strict rules. These rules are usually set by the Ministry of Health. 

There are different qualification levels in EMS. The main list is EMR – Emergency Medical Responder and EMT, which means Emergency Medical Technician. 

EMR: EMRs are primarily made up of local people who volunteer for the position. You have basic knowledge of first aid. 

EMT: EMTs, on the other hand, are certified to provide care at the state level. These people are often identified by their level of certification and skills as primary, secondary, or paramedic.

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