Different Types of Insulation


These are the types of insulation one should know.

Wall Insulation – This type of insulation depends on the wall type.

  1. Cavity Wall Insulation – Due to the presence of the gap between the inner and outer leaf of the wall, an insulator is inserted. Since there is a gap, it is filled with cement as a layer of covering.
  2. Solid Wall Insulation – When it comes to a wall that is solid, then you have the option to either choose internal or external insulation. Internal insulation is used for inner rooms while the external insulation is used for covering the entire front portion of the property.

Roof Insulation – There are 2 types of roof insulation.

  1. Cold Loft – To insulate the top portion of the ceiling immediately.
  2. Warm Loft – To insulate the lower portion of the roof. It is considered to be on the higher side compared to cold loft however, a better option.

Door and Window Insulation 

For this type of insulation, the door and window need to be double or triple glazed along with spacing between the glass especially when it comes to the window. Double glazing is all about offering warm and silent inside the house ensuring the outer noise does not enter.

Floor Insulation

When it comes to floor insulation, it is considered to be very expensive. Therefore, it is crucial to only do it if you need it along with understanding the type of floor your property has. Modern houses are equipped with insulators underneath the concrete floor surface. While old houses are equipped with floors that are suspended and will require some investment for installing the insulation.

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