Find The Best Summer Study Abroad Scholarships

There are a few things to consider when searching for summer abroad scholarships. One thing is that studying abroad is not cheap, and many students tend to think that it is a luxury they cannot afford. With many summer scholarship programs available today it may be way more affordable than one may think.

Being highly competitive, but feasible to receive, with proper effort and research, study abroad scholarships help students cover some or all costs associated with study, residency, and travel expenses. You can easily choose one or more terms to design the academic year by the scholarship by visiting at

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The most popular and sought after programs are provided by Fulbright, and Golden Key. The Fulbright program, providing sponsorship for international educational exchange, is one of the most prestigious academic scholarship programs worldwide.

Fulbright abroad scholarships are mostly geared towards graduate students, however, outstanding undergraduate students may also be considered. Basic eligibility criteria comprise of being possessing good health and having a good knowledge of the language of the country the applicant is going to study in.

However, being awarded one requires a lot more than that, as Fulbright scholarship is designed for truly talented students. A record of academic excellence, professional experience or extensive research along with a convincing essay and a personal statement is required to be seriously considered.