Sustainable And Eco Friendly Socks

You may have noticed socks are prone to high turnover if you want to make a transition to a more sustainable wardrobe. A pair of jeans can last decades, but socks will start to fall apart after just a few years.

This is assuming that your washing machine doesn’t remove them first. Many brands make sustainable, cruelty-free, and eco friendly socksThese sustainable socks come in various varieties nowadays.

It's almost impossible to find socks made entirely from natural, animal-free materials. Even the most eco-friendly brands will use at least 1% of their fabric to make synthetic materials to increase the sock’s stretch factor.

Some people choose wool socks to be zero-waste, even though most wool socks contain small amounts of synthetic materials. However, the wool industry is far from zero waste. It is often difficult to raise sheep, breed them, and kill them.

This makes wool production more costly than it appears. Not to mention the ethical issues that wool extraction can cause.

Socks are a fall and winter staple just like blankets, tea, and cozy jumpers. A pair of socks is a must-have. You have probably been searching for ethical socks for both men and women as a wardrobe staple. For good measure, you also added some ethical socks.