Best places to visit in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka has become one of the most popular holiday destinations of late because of its artistic diversity. The tourists are attracted to the exotic beaches and golden sunshine that is present all around the year. The stunning beaches include Negombo, Bentota, Hikkaduwa, and Polhena. Apart from beaches one can enjoy adventurous national parks and witness the exclusive wildlife of the country some of the national parks like Yala National park, Bundala national park, etc. 

Tourist places to visit in Sri Lanka

  • NuwaraEliya- Experience a jaw-dropping experience you can dream of at World's end NuwaraEliya the hill plains. Tourists can witness flora and fauna during the Sri Lanka Tour. Many animals like leopards, deers, etc. can also be seen.
  • Yala National Park, Hambantota- The national park in Sri Lanka promises tourists to witness the untamed wildlife and explore to the fullest. A faint insight into the cultural civilization can be witnessed by amidst nature.
  • Anuradhapura- Anuradhapura is one of the world heritage sites and has gained limelight after the tree of enlightenment or the Bodhi tree was bought here. The tree is protected from wild elephants.
  • Bentota beach- Experience a relaxing gateway at Srilanka’s most famous beach. While enjoying the marvelous sound of the waves crashing the shores, soak yourself in the golden shining sun promising light after every dawn.
  • Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage- Experience witnessing different species of plants and trees. It is the largest garden in the country.

Visit the best places and make memories that last a lifetime.

Make Your Friendship a Memorable Bond by Traveling Together


Group tours are best if you the right people to team up with. They can become the worst trips of your lives too. But if your group has been doing other fun things together for some time, it is worthwhile to try a trip abroad at least once. Such a trip means a special bond with friends for the years to follow. If all goes well, the trip is a reminder of shared jokes, marvelous stories, plenty of fun and loads of memorable photographs that all group members can treasure.

However, the tedious part is you need to organize your trip way ahead of time in a precise manner and its best to leave this work to a member who knows the nitty-grittys of traveling already.

Destination – you must choose a destination that suits all group members in terms of weather. It is important because if a member has certain persistent health issues, it can ruin the trip for all. Plus, health care abroad may come in really costly, draining out your budget on sometimes very basic doctor visits and OTC medicines.

Booking – It is advisable that flight and hotel bookings should be done in advance as it would be economical. Last-minute flight picks are quite costly. Especially if you are traveling during the holidays.

Choose a leader – The group must choose an experienced friend to lead the group. All must agree on a budget and vow to stick to it. Share your preferences with the leader and do fill him in on any particular health conditions. Follow the leader’s advice at all costs. Be tolerant.

First aid kit – A basic first aid kit with flu medicines and OTC painkiller, antiseptics and bandages is never the weight you regret.

The sri lanka group tours is an amazing life experience that can cherish you for years to come.

Best Adventures to Experience in Sri Lanka


With the vast presence of coastline, Sri Lanka offers amazing water-sporting activities for locals and tourists. Additionally, Sri Lanka is also home to some of the best presence of wildlife animals and species. Plus, there are also a ton of cultural, historical places one needs to explore. Let’s focus on some of the best other adventures apart from the usual to experience in Sri Lanka.

  1. Visit the Top of Sirigiya – Sirigiya is Sri Lanka’s landmark known as ‘Lion’s Rock’. This is basically a rock which turned later into a fort and palace in the early 5th century. Here you will get to see monk’s ancient paintings, lion’s paws that are carved, a chance to improve your knowledge on rocks and more. Apart from this, you should set a target to reach the top of the fort to get an amazing view of the country.
  2. Take a Safari – Sri Lanka offers 2 types of safari. One is on the Southside called Yala National Park. This park is the perfect spot to witness leopards, elephants, birds, and crocodiles. The second form of safari is the boat safari which is more relaxing and comfortable to witness birds, animals and beautiful islands.
  3. Get a Glimpse of Whales – Blue whales are on the verge of getting extinct due to one reason; humans. However, Sri Lanka is one of the best countries that offer some amazing spots to witness the blue whales. Marissa is a popular small town that offers great spots to witness the blue whales especially during the months of November and April.

Make sure you take the best Sri Lanka tour with your friends or family members.