All About Car Detailing

Auto detailing or auto detailing are terms used today which can mean different things to different people. In general, the correct definition of auto parts is the complete cleaning, polishing, and protection of every part of the vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out, using special tools and products that your regular car cleaner would not normally use.

However, painting and bodywork are not included, but depending on the condition of the car and the specialist company, minor cosmetic restoration work is carried out, such as repairs with sawdust or wet sanding without painting. You can also get the best car detailing via

Car Detailing

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The main scope and purpose of car detailing are to completely enhance and restore vehicle paintwork by removing light scratches and swirling blemishes that have been applied over time and reflecting light in such a way as to create the ugly piston affect the vehicle creates. raised surface. colored or transparent coating.

The first step in exterior detailing is usually to fully foam the car and dip it. This will help soften and remove dirt from the surface before rinsing.

After washing, the paint is smeared with clay with the help of a special adhesive tape and lubricant, which gently removes all contamination on the surface that cannot be removed by simple washing.

This is an important step when detailing a car, as these contaminants can interfere with the polishing process and prevent achieving quality coverage.