Benefits of Using a Lithium-Ion Battery over Lead-Acid

Lithium-ion batteries are rapidly replacing lead acid for forklifts, but lithium is better and why? Here's a quick breakdown of why lithium-ion batteries is superior to lead acid:

Faster Charge: due to their advanced mechanical, lithium-ion battery that is capable of a fast charge which allows for faster charging time than the lead-acid battery. Fast charge allows a high amount of energy to the battery until it reaches 70%. You can also look for LG li ion battery online.

Longer Lifespan: On average, lithium-ion batteries have twice the lifespan of lead-acid batteries! Lithium-ion batteries that are less prone to losing their lifespan off cycle of lead acid batteries.

Continuous high voltage: Lead-acid battery is famous for loss of voltage or power throughout the day, even when they have a lot of charge remaining. That means your forklift will become sluggish and less responsive, which can be very frustrating. Lithium-ion batteries retain their power throughout the charge, giving you long-lasting power you need to get something done.

Safe: Lithium-ion batteries do not require supervision when charging or dedicated spaces, unlike lead acid batteries are susceptible to heat and release hazardous vapors during charging.

Maintenance Free: Compared with lead-acid batteries which require regular "watering", lithium-ion batteries require minimum maintenance.

Long-term Cost Efficiency: Since the lithium-ion battery for longer, work more effectively, it requires no maintenance and costs more quickly, it's not rocket science why they are more cost-effective compared with a range of lead acid.