Whale Shark Watching – Worth It Experience in Cebu

You must have heard a lot of negative feedback about the whale sharks in Oslob. Well, it will be absolutely up to you if you want to support it by going there and paying for the experience you will get with the whale shark watching/swimming activity or you will stay on your chair and keep on telling negative stuff about the whale sharks in Oslob.

Things you should know about the Whale Sharks:

Fishermen as Guide – Due to the fact that they know whale sharks so well for such a long time, they are also considered as guides since they know so much about the whale sharks and the things you shouldn’t do when you’re around the whale sharks. Always listen to the boatmen/fishermen together with you on the boat, they are knowledgeable.

They are FREE to leave – A lot of people are saying that they don’t like the system Oslob has for the whale shark watching since they are like being caged and not free. Well, actually they leave the area and go down to the deeper area to sleep after their hours of meal by the tourism. They are not always there. Sometimes they will be gone for a couple of weeks and come back.

A whale shark named Bali invites others to Oslob – There's a whale shark whose name is Bali (Bent for English, because of his bent tail) who invites other whale sharks to come to Oslob. Sometimes there's just 5 whale sharks and the next week there will be around 20. The fishermen/guide said that Bali is the responsible for the increase of the amount of whale sharks in Oslob, they said that he invites others.

The Rules and Regulations

  • Dive Centers bringing visitors must be accredited with the Municipality of Oslob (Turtle Bay Dive Resort is accredited)
  • Only staff from accredited organizations may guide visitors.
  • All whale shark watchers must undergo orientation at the Briefing Center on the rules for interaction with whale sharks
  • No feeding of whale sharks by unauthorized personnel
  • Whale shark watchers are limited to 30 minutes (I think this applies to those in boats)
  • Life guards will be on site during whale watching hours