How To Setup Netgear N300 & Configure Genie App?

The problem of not being able to access the internet might not have any solution in the last decade, but with the turn of this decade, there were numerous solutions for the same. Back in the day, only routers were used to transmit the Wi-Fi signals, but the problem with routers was that they had a certain coverage limit beyond which, the signal used to die. As a result, if someone is sitting, let’s say 15 meters away from the router, then he/she would get weak internet signals or in the worst case, no signals at all.

But, thanks to companies like Netgear, Belkin, ASUS, Linksys and many more that we have been introduced to Wi-Fi extenders. If you too have been dealing with low or no Wi-Fi signals, then it's about time that you fix the problem by adding a Wi-Fi Range Extender in your existing network. If you want to know regarding the best Wi-Fi Range Extender, then Netgear N300 would be my obvious choice because it is fast, efficient and durable. If you too have purchased this model and now looking for NetgearWiFi Extender N300 Setup instruction, then Netgear Extender experts can assist you.

In case, you have successfully performed the setting up of Netgear N300 at home or office and now facing issues with the web interface of the extender (as that is an important aspect when it comes to setting up an extender), then you need to download an application by the name of ‘Netgear Genie’. With the help of this application, you will be able to manage and control the extender in the most suitable way. If you are looking to configure Netgear Genie smart setup, but don’t know where to begin and what to do, then don’t worry. Consult experts at My WiFi Ext Fix to solve this problem in the most suitable manner.