All About Watch Winder Box

Watch winders are tabletop devices (or when you have the money an enormous vault) that gently rotate the watch's automatic winding mechanism even when it's not being used to keep the watch's mainspring running and, consequently keeping the watch in motion.

It's also a costly extravagant, bulky, and (almost) unnecessary piece of equipment disguised as a vital tool for collecting watches. You can find the best watch winder box online (In the Norwegian Language “se winder box online”) from many sites.

se winder box

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What does a Watch Winder Do?

Many watch winder advocates refer to it as a precautionary measure to be taken when your automatic watch isn't on your wrist. The idea is that: The lubricants in your mechanical watch which reduce friction between its numerous moving parts could when left dormant get drained or become coagulated.

This can cause damage to the watch's movement and, consequently, the watch must be kept in motion to avoid the degrading of your watch's oils that lubricate it.

What is the Convenience Factor?

Many people also cite ease of use as their top benefit of owning a watch winder. Yes, an automatic watch must set itself back after a few days without wearing it.

But is setting and winding up a watch in the early hours of the morning – an activity that takes less than a minute something that requires the expenditure of hundreds of dollars to avoid? In the end, watch lovers are supposed to enjoy interacting with their watches.