The Right Way To Clean Your Water Bottles

We used bottled water for drinking every day and we tend to reuse the same bottle repeatedly. If bottled water is not cleaned up properly, bacteria can grow in a bottle and you may get a bacterial infection. You can find the right way to clean up your water bottle via

The first and easiest way to clean up your water bottle is to use warm water and soap. All you need to do is add some dishwasher soap together with a little warm water, close the bottle and shake. If you have a brush, you can use it to thoroughly clean the bottle from inside as well. Rinse with clean water afterward. 

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Next, you can try using vinegar to wash and disinfect your water bottle. You can use this method to sterilize the bottle at a time. Once again, pour some liquid in the bottle, wash and rinse with vinegar. You can also charge the vinegar into the bottle and leave it overnight. Vinegar is a natural bacteria killer and not harmful to human health.

Additionally, you can also use bleach to disinfect your bottle. Remember, you just want to kill germs and bacteria in the bottle, thus, using a weak bleach will be sufficient. And make sure that you wash and rinse the bottle thoroughly so that you thoroughly wash bleach.

These are some of the proper ways to clean and disinfect your water bottle. Drinking water is one of the most fundamental activity, if you do not clean the bottle, you'll drink bacteria every day.