Things You Need to Know About Importing Goods for the First Time

1. Taxes and duties. You may need to pay customs duties, taxes, or VAT for items shipped outside the country. You can often contact the best import customs clearance company, which will explain how to pay debts or fees. 

2. Alcohol, tobacco, and fragrances (including perfume and aftershave) of any value are subject to VAT. The total value of goods plus VAT plus shipping, packaging, and insurance plus additional taxes to be paid will be charged. 

3. Conditions of purchase If you take goods directly from the factory, this is considered "used goods". This means that you are responsible for all costs, including domestic transportation in the country of origin, shipping fees, and applicable charges. 

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The supplier will pay all transportation costs and any additional costs except for import duties, VAT or customs duties. It is important to make a difference between the terms of the purchase before negotiating the course with the exporter.

4. Representation. Importers almost always need representation for the first time, usually in the form of a shipping company. Freight forwarders act as intermediaries between importers and exporters. They will act on your behalf to resolve customs formalities, arrange transportation, and solve problems or hidden costs before they occur. 

It is always a good idea to talk with the operator at least before you agree to buy goods from abroad, except to ensure that you have fully covered your costs, obligations, insurance, and transportation and not missed anything.