Tips About Laser Acne Treatment

Laser acne treatments have been around for several years now, and quickly replaced the form of removal and more traditional acne prevention. Because antibiotics become increasingly ineffective because it is too often used, more and more people choose this new technique.

During the laser coating, a doctor holds a laser pen just above acne or scarring of acne and waves the beam of a concentrated light back and forth, only evaporates unwanted tissue and creates a new surface for skin cell growth. 

Although laser coating is safe and not painful in almost all cases, some post-procedural bruises and swelling are normal. In most cases, these side effects last for seven to ten days. Wait until this passes before applying make-up.

At present there are no federal limitations that can carry out laser coatings; Regulations only affect laser manufacturers themselves. There are many types of lasers for different purposes, so be sure to use a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. 

Be sure to ask where your doctor was trained to use the laser equipment and whether your doctor rents or owns his or her laser equipment. Ask to see before and after pictures of the doctor's cases, and find out how many different types of lasers the doctor owns and how often each piece of equipment is used.