What Does A Motion Graphics Designer Do In Malaysia?

Motion designers work in advertising, film, or television, producing motion graphics. They could work on projects including trailers, title sequences, commercials, additional graphics for video clips, video game graphics, music videos, explainer videos, TV show credits and jingles, and other motion-designed animation that is simpler to produce and incorporate into the static design.

To produce graphic designs with motion, graphic designers need to have several key skills that are more than the usual skills of a good designer. You can also navigate dezpad.com/3d-motion-graphic/ to get 3d motion graphic services.

Here are some of them:


For an object to move virtually, it must be "live" or animated. The word animation comes from the Latin "animatio" which means "given life". Inanimate objects and in this case especially painted objects are brought to life with the help of an experienced animator.

2D animation

The oldest and most classic animation style. With this motion graphic technique, moving objects and environments do not have a depth dimension. 2D animation existed in 1908, so it is older than all other styles of animation and motion graphics.

3D models

Although 2D animation still exists, nowadays it is rare to find video production that does not use 3D animation techniques.

Modern motion designers need to know how to create polygonal grids, baked textures, wavy maps, normal maps, and lightmaps, be familiar with various shaders and post-processing effects to make 3D objects look and move realistically.

Textures and lighting

The textures and contrasts of light are different from 3D graphic design: They make it look more realistic how a moving object interacts with the environment in which it is located. You can manipulate the eye to think objects are closer or farther away by using different lighting and depths so cartoonists should be able to manipulate these elements well.