What Is Fundamental Philanthropy?

The term philanthropy is associated with a concept rather than an actual literal definition. The term came to us with the help of the good Greeks and means "love of mankind". The concept is for voluntary donations, either by groups or individuals, that will contribute to supporting and promoting some kind of individual community good. 

It can also include cash grants and donations made by foundations, individuals and often companies to nonprofit organizations working for a common cause to improve the quality of life of those in need. To know more about African philanthropy visit usfoundationforpeace.org/.

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What is Fundamental Philanthropy?

Simply put, philanthropy is any altruistic activity undertaken to create good or improve the quality of life. This fundamental philanthropy came to be referred to as “fundamental” or “natural” philanthropy. This type of philanthropy involves using our own "natural" resources, such as talent, knowledge, and the ability to perform altruistic actions.

Fundamental philanthropy, or conscious acts of kindness, has become one of the hottest topics today. Voluntary association, voluntary giving and voluntary action – get so much attention and awareness in our culture. 

National magazines and local newspapers are currently making celebrities out of ordinary citizens who engage in extraordinary acts of grace, using nothing but their innate abilities.

Fundamental philanthropy seems to have become more widespread in recent years than ever before. The meaning of life seems to change. The general emphasis on 'philanthropy' has recently shifted to a popular focus on 'social responsibility. And the truth is that while we may not be rich, famous celebrities, we all have something powerful that needs to be given to society!