Where Should Your Loved One Be Cremated?

Each religion has its own traditions and rituals that are performed after death. Some people prefer to bury or cremate the bodies of the deceased. One of the most particular ways of disposing of corpses is the Persian tradition, in which the corpse is left motionless on the periphery so that eagles or vultures can eat it. 

It seems surprising at first, but they do it because they believe that burials pollute the ground and cremations, just as they pollute the air, killing minuscule life in the process. However, regardless of your beliefs and traditions, funeral homes offer a variety of memorial, cremation and funeral home services

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Let's take a look at some of the places where corpses can be cremated or buried:-

Graveyard:- It is basically a small piece of land that is used as a graveyard for the burial of corpses. In general, it is easy to find these sites around. The only problem with this is that it becomes difficult to find the graves of loved ones as they are buried.

Basement:- this is a burial chamber made of concrete, reinforced with steel, gravel and water-resistant materials. The good thing about it is that it keeps moisture in the cubicle through the drainage system. These cameras also allow you to bury one body on top of the other so that both relatives can be buried in the same place and for the same price. The only downside to this is that it is more expensive than other burial sites.

Mausoleums:- These are entoms built on the ground and are of two types, community mausoleums and private mausoleums. The former is used by the whole community, the latter only by private families.